Performance is nothing without Great Suspension

If you are familiar with the basics of tuning, you should agree that more power and torque demand some serious suspension upgrades. All the extra horse power and torque can make the car unstable in the corners or even on a straight if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s important to carefully choose which suspension parts will have the best effect on your car. Suspension upgrades have an aesthetic effect on the car as well. By lowering your car you can get a better, aggressive look. No matter what your goal is, to get better performance or looks, it’s important to use quality parts.

Low & Slow

More and more people like a clean, factory look of a car with minimal exterior modifications. By changing the wheels and lowering the car, you get a completely different look of a car. Everything else must be perfect as well, but regarding aesthetics, that’s it. For getting a clean lowered look, you need to change some suspension parts. When choosing it’s always a better choice to go with a brand name manufacturer which already has lots of satisfied customers. One of the manufacturers that can help you get your car lowered is Eibach. Their Pro-Plus kit has everything a serious enthusiast needs to get the best look and performance. This kit includes springs and sway bars that will lower your car while saving the comfort every driver wants. You will also feel the difference when cornering, braking and your car could actually have better mileage.

Performance suspension

When looking for suspension parts to help you get the best performance, it’s a good thing when the manufacturer already has experience with performance parts. The presence in DTM, WRC and Formula 1 is a big thing for a performance parts manufacturer. Eibach is in all of them. You can look up performance springs, shocks, complete suspension systems and more.

If you are serious about upgrading your suspension, our recommendation is the Pro-System-Plus kit.

Eibach kit

You get performance springs, shocks and sway bars. This way, you get the best performance without sacrificing ride quality. Full race suspension kits are just too rigid for street cars, so unless you plan to turn your car into a professional racecar, the Pro-System-Plus kit is the best way to go. Upgrading your suspension with this kit doesn’t require you to make any modifications to your vehicle – just bolt in the new parts and you’re ready to go.  The best thing about Eibach is that you get a million mile warranty on parts!